Ode to the Onion

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Vegetablefacts.net says the onion is the 6th most popular vegetable in the world. Thousands of years old, I think 6th is still underrated. Why? Onions, well, just because, onions. They warm the heart, instill euphoric thoughts when cooking and make any dish, better. 

I hear people all of the time in restaurants say, "no onion". Whaaaaattt? NOOOOOOOO! Unless you have some weird allergy, onions are worth giving a chance. I mean, if the ancient egyptians all but worshipped them, why can't you try one on a turkey and cranberry sandwich. Oh lawd, you anti onion peeps just don't know what you're missing. 

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They are beautiful, they come in a variety of colors as well as what taste they leave on your palette. Red Onions are my favorite. For cooking and eating raw. Yep, eating raw. There is nothing better than a bowl full of lady finger or cream peas, a big old piece of cornbread and a slice of red onion. 

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If you're worried about the old tale of onions harboring bacteria once they are cut, don't. That is just what it is, a tale, a tall one. Shame on whoever said that for ruining the onions rep. 

So why onions? Well, they just smell like home to me. My Momma is still the best cook around, to this day. I can walk into her house and if she cooking something with onions in it, I am immediately comforted. Just like when she kissed my scrape the time I learned to ride my bike. The smell of onions is the smell of love. Home. Sanctuary. Safety. 

So, I have a challenge for you anti-onionites, try this recipe with some summer cucumbers, tomatos and a beautiful red(or white) onion. You may find yourself with a new love. 

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