InstantPot, get you one!

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The InstantPot has become a new and fast favorite of home cooks since 2017. It was a huge Christmas gift for many people. Sadly, I see so many who have yet to even open the box. This is not yo mama's pressure cooker!  My own sweet Mother purchased my brother and myself one 3 years ago. I have loved mine since the pressure test!  Many of my friends already think I am crunchy but since having my IP, I am a borderline homesteader.

I started out boiling eggs and making rice. Rice has always been my arch enemy. I never had any luck getting it to be soft and billowy pillows of starch like other people. So, the real test of my IP was the initial rice test. Y' was fantastic. It made me look like I grew up in China and was an expert. Kinda like my friend Rae and this awesome squarespace for my blog! Anyway, fast forward 3 years. I talk about it all the time like its a new boyfriend so naturally, people want to know if they should get one. I guess the IP seems complicated. So, I am starting this new series on simple but great ways to use the IP. The video below is meant to show the ease and usefulness of cooking with the wonderful IP.

Now, in viewing this should you decide you HAVE to have one, click on the link below and go get you one! Enjoy!




Instant Pot Peas

2-4 cups frozen fresh peas

salt to taste

1 tablespoon bacon grease

1 cup of water

~Place peas frozen in IP. Season and add water. Set IP for 4 minutes on manual. Natural Pressure Release for 10 minutes. Release pressure valve and enjoy!