Blessed Harvest




So, every year, the hubs and I plant a small garden. In more efficient times, we have planted a summer and a winter garden. I have noticed over the last couple of years, we do less and less. I have always enjoyed gardening and certainly love my own personal produce. It seems that in the last 2 years, the only thing I can stick with is my herbs. This year was so bad. I bought my beautiful Bonnie plants prior to Good Friday with the same intentions I have every year, to plant on or after Good Friday. Didn't happen. No, excuses, I was just lazy. So the plants, despite my best effort, died. All but two tomatoes and one pepper plant and they were on their last leg.  I planted them all anyway. I don't know why, I just did. I only replaced one other pepper plant later thinking I had lost all of them after the planting episode. Flash forward to about 3 weeks later. We had tomatoes everywhere, they were creeping like water oaks and I chastised myself for being so lazy that I didn't pick suckers. Pulling weeds one day, I found myself moving some of the biggest "arms" I had ever seen on a tomato plant. After moving one to pull more weeds, I saw him, my little green pepper I thought I had lost, ALIVE!! 

Now one sidebar here, I call all my plants, HIM, don't ask me why, I don't have a clue. Ok, back to my subject, you will find I wander a lot! So I tell the hubs, we have to do something, we have to get them up, even though I tried to kill all of them earlier, I didn't want them all to die, they seemed to be thriving on neglect. I just didn't want to carry it too far. Cages were out of the question, it was too late to prune to get them in even the biggest cage I have. Now, here is the part where I tell you about my hubs, he will say for me not to tell anyone all of this but oh well, I'm gonna. He can do ANYTHING and yes, I mean ANYTHING!!!  He can build you a jam up kitchen table, lay tile on your floor, weld, do mechanic work on your car, boat or lawnmower, work your cows,  even frame your house. Above all,  he is a master inventor. He says that he isn't smart or talented but instead, cheap, too cheap to pay anyone to do these things.  This what he did with my tomatoes. It is a simple thing compared to all the hair brained ideas I masterminded that he carried out. It's clothesline y'all, clothesline. He tweeks it a little bit every day. He is also pretty dang cute. 

Big Daddy Hubs my Mater Man   

Big Daddy Hubs my Mater Man


Despite what it may seem, I do have a point. A couple actually. First, Don't give up, the things that you are good at, that you love, do them. The Lord will bless what you do and bring you a bountiful harvest. And B; screwing up can still be beneficial. If there is one life lesson I could pass down to my girls, it would be that screwing up leads to all kinds of creativity, innovation and most important, learning.